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Professor Paul Cooper, University of Wollongong

Dr John Capp has been my dentist for nearly 30 years and during this time he has taken the very best care of my teeth that I could possibly hope for. I believe a good dentist has to be not only a great health care professional, but also a scientist (to keep up with all the advances in dental technology), and a great sculptor (to fashion complex things like fillings, crowns and other technical treatments - which not only have to work functionally, but look good).

 John is a master craftsperson in all these skill areas. He and his support staff always make me feel comfortable and secure whenever I need to see them for a check-up or for specialist treatment.

 As just one of many examples of his high-quality work, John inserted a ‘bridge’ almost 27 years ago, to replace one that another practice in the UK made and installed, but which failed within about 6 years. By contrast John’s bridge is still with me today, looking and functioning as well as the day he inserted it all those years ago. A great testament to John’s skill and careful approach to his patients.

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